Dr. Beverly Kuhn

Texas A&M Transportation Institute

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Dr. Kuhn has over 28 years of diverse and extensive experience in the conduct and delivery of cutting edge research results.  As Head of the System Reliability Division of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Dr. Kuhn leads a team of researchers in the areas of corridor management, advanced traffic management applications, and connected and automated infrastructure.  In addition to the expertise detailed in Section 4, Dr. Kuhn led the development and field testing of a lexicon for the delivery of travel time reliability information for the SHRP 2 program and working on the delivery of a workshop to public agencies to implement the lexicon within their jurisdictions.  Dr. Kuhn has supported TxDOT and other state and local agencies in a similar manner, focusing on developing research documents and implementable products based on the research for real and immediate deployment by agency staff across the state on such topics as variable speed limits, commercial truck platooning, and managed lanes.  She has also provided similar support to other state DOTs and local agencies in topics related to operations, ATDM, ATM, and managed lanes.