One of the challenges women face during their careers is that family needs vary over time. Once you are an empty nester, a regular working routine may attractive or be needed to fund those college educations.  Other folks end up as Caretakers of their parents or other family for several years, necessitating a sabbatical or leave of absence.  How do you “re-enter” the workforce when your last paycheck was several years or decades ago? Or your last advocacy efforts involved the previous administration and it’s all new players now?

Below are some links to articles and site that have tools, tips and programs for re-entering the workforce.  Many of these tools and techniques would also be valid for obtaining a position of influence in the current advocacy environment.

Many WTS members have used these tools and techniques successfully, but it depends on the organization you are targeting and how you network/market your way into a position.

  • 5 Ways to Relaunch Your Career After a Career Break, By Carol Fishman Cohen & Vivian Steir Rabin, The Womens Conference
  • Negotiating for iRelaunchers,
  • These events are produced by the career re-entry programming company, iRelaunch, whose founders are the authors of acclaimed career re-entry strategy book, Back on the Career Track, and is sponsored by prestigious employers. The program includes a compelling lineup of speakers, panelists, workshops and networking time with sponsors. It is very much focused on the East Coast Financial markets but deals with similar issues for WTS Professionals
  • Books:

Off-Ramp and On-Ramps: Keeping Talented Women on the Road to SuccessSylvia Ann Hewlett, Amazon

Notable quote from the book: "If a $2,000 desktop computer disappears from an employee's desk, I guarantee that there'll be an investigation, a big to-do. But if a $100,000-a-year executive with all kinds of client relationships gets poached by a competitor - or quits to stay home with the kids - there's no investigation. No one is called on the carpet for that.”